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How Do Flood Insurance Policies Vary?

Flood insurance is a coverage that we at Bronson Insurance Services offer our many Oak Creek, WI customers. However, we know that some customers may want different types of policies or coverage options. Do flood insurance policies differ significantly or are they pretty similar?

Flood Insurance is Fairly Uniform

The federal government typically demands uniform flood insurance policies between different companies to ensure that citizens receive enough protection. As a result, you don’t find many variations between what policies do and don’t cover, as most cover everything a flood triggers.

The prices between different providers are typically also fairly uniform and only change depending on what level of coverage you purchase. While some regions may have specific minimal flood insurance policy requirements, others may have higher requirements or none at all. As a result, it is important to do a little shopping and compare first.

Differing Coverage Options

While federal regulations keep flood insurance fairly similar between the varying providers, it is also true that they do have a few differences. Chief among these variations is the overall coverage you receive. Simply put, some policies will let you choose how much money you want to receive.

Note that paying for higher coverage will also increase your premium costs. However, if you live in a high-risk flood area, you may be required by law to hold one of these higher-premium policies. Thankfully, relief programs may provide you with some compensation for these policy costs.

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As you can see, flood insurance policies are typically fairly uniform and don’t vary a lot between insurance companies. That’s because they’re federally regulated in ways that others are not. If you’re curious about your options for Oak Creek, WI, call us at Bronson Insurance Services today.

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