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Wisconsin auto insurance regulations that you need to know about

Bronson Insurance Services is proud to serve all of the insurance needs of the larger Oak Creek, WI community. If you have any questions about the insurance regulations affecting our state, give us a call today.

Staying on top of WI auto insurance regulations

When it comes to regulations, the insurance industry is one of the most affected. In fact, it can be difficult for WI citizens to stay on top of what is going on! Here are a few things to remember when it comes to WI auto insurance regulations:

  • Our state legislature will need to vote to approve any changes to the current regulations that are in force. Additionally, there is usually a lot of discussion about any such proposed changes well before they reach the state government.
  • Between the passing of any new insurance regulations, there is a period of time before the changes are implemented. This means that when new changes are voted into the state mandate, or changes are made to current regulations, there is a sizable length of time before these changes are enacted.
  • Working with a local agent can help you stay on top of any and all changes that can affect your insurance needs. We recommend working with someone who takes the time to review your current policies on a regular basis. This way, they can help you to determine if any changes may need to be made. 

We are here to help you!

Oak Creek, WI residents can count on the team here at Bronson Insurance Services for all of their insurance needs. We are also here to answer any questions that you may have or address any concerns. Give our office a call today and schedule an appointment to learn more.

Documents you should have in your car at all times

Driving should take all of your attention when you get behind the wheel. With all the aggressive drivers out there, you need to be on the defensive at all times. There may be times, despite your best efforts, you have an accident, or you get pulled over by the local or state police. When that happens, they are going to ask to see some documents from you. It is important you have them in the vehicle with you. 

When it comes to carrying the necessary documents in your car, just throwing them into your glove box is probably not the best idea. Putting them in an envelope or a special folder in the glove box where you can find them easily even if your heart is pounding is a better idea. Best of all is a document holder that attaches to your visor. This way, you can easily flip down your visor and take out your documents if you need to. 

Vehicle registration

Most information about your vehicle registration is online, so the police have access to the information even if you don’t have your registration in the vehicle. They can look it up with the numbers on your license plate. However, you will likely get a ticket if you don’t carry the registration with you, so do the right thing. 

Proof of insurance

Almost every state in the union requires you have at least the minimum required auto insurance. Your insurance company will provide you with proof of insurance you should always have with you in your vehicle. Serious fines are levied for not having the mandated insurance, and you need to prove you have it. 

Driver’s license

This should be in your wallet and is required in every state. 

Contact Bronson Insurance Services in Oak Creek, WI when you are looking for auto insurance. Bronson Insurance Services in Oak Creek, WI has been in business for 18 years and provides our clients with great service and lots of choices. 

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