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As Your Fleet Grows, Transportation Insurance Plays an Important Role

As a business in Wisconsin, when you carry property or people in your company’s vehicles, you may need to determine whether it’s considered a "for hire" situation that has state and federal insurance and registration requirements. Even if you’re driving your personal vehicle, but the purpose is business, it’s important to find out when you’re crossing the line into providing service.

When Your Business is Growing, and You’re Driving

At Bronson Insurance Services, our commercial insurance offerings include commercial auto insurance, plus liability coverage, property coverage, and umbrella insurance. These help you protect yourself and your Oak Creek, WI business as you grow, from those times when you may be in a "gray area" to the point where you have a fleet of vehicles and drivers and you know that everything’s business-related.

These transportation insurance coverages protect you when you’re carrying people or property for any reason so that a casual decision to help out doesn’t put you in a difficult situation.  Unexpected problems such as theft of property or an accident that harms the passenger may put you on the spot.

From a Man with a Truck to a Motor Carrier

Businesses start and grow in different ways, so it can be difficult to establish when you officially become a professional driver offering a service. At Bronson Insurance Services, we encourage you to consider formal business operations in Oak Creek, WI, and expect to grow and get the coverage that protects you and, in many cases, is required by state law. That way, you’ll have the protection you need in case an informal arrangement becomes a legal entanglement. You’ll also be able to proudly say to potential customers that you’re officially recognized and ready to do business with them.

Securing Transportation Insurance For Your Vehicles

Having a vehicle gives you access to the open road in Oak Creek, WI. For many businesses, vehicles are an important factor in getting work done. For those using vehicles in their daily job, getting transportation insurance can help save money. Fortunately, Bronson Insurance Services can be of help in these situations.

Why Transportation Insurance

Protects your cargo

The biggest use of transportation in businesses is delivering and receiving cargo. Unfortunately, not every trip will go smoothly. There have been instances where cargo can get stolen or destroyed en route to its final destination. With transportation insurance, you can protect yourself if a terrible situation like this occurs during a routine trip.

Protects damaged items during moving

If you’re a mover, you know the importance of carefully transporting personal items to a new home. Many people choose to hire movers instead of doing it themselves to decrease the pressure of moving out. With the right transportation insurance, you can protect yourself and the customer from any damage done to their personal items or even theft.

Protection from missing deadlines

When it comes to delivering important cargo, many companies have a set deadline to deliver their goods. If their products aren’t delivered by a certain time, drivers can face serious fines and can potentially lose future work with that client. Transportation insurance helps those who accidentally ship important items at a later time.

We Are Here To Help

If you’re looking for more help with transportation insurance in the Oak Creek, WI metroplex, Bronson Insurance Services can aid you in your quest. Contact us for more information today, and we’ll get in touch with you about protecting your vehicles. 

Who Benefits from Transportation Insurance?

Oak Creek, WI business owners are required to purchase commercial auto insurance when they operate motor vehicles in association with their corporations, and this can include work trucks, buses, and vans. 

Benefits of Transportation Insurance 

People who arrange for you to transport their goods have assurance when you have transportation insurance. It means that if their items are destroyed, they may have a financial remedy without necessarily having to take you to court. This expedites the process of recovering any loss and is also something a company may require before partnering with you. 

Transportation insurance can also benefit the parties who receive your shipments, as it ensures reliable service from you. Companies that receive products on a regular schedule need suppliers who can guarantee expedient and dependable delivery of the goods they rely on. 

Your indemnification helps ensure your company runs smoothly even amid unforeseen circumstances, and your Bronson Insurance Services representative can provide specific details as to what would be covered. 

Companies who operate trains carrying cargo can have peace of mind when they buy transportation insurance, and trucking companies also need protection against risks, such as accidents or severe weather. In addition, they can move substances composed of hazardous materials which pose additional peril to those on the road or who are involved in a wreck. 

You may also incur costs due to delays outside your control when they interfere with schedules, and your cargo can be subject to damage from vandalism. In addition, transportation vehicles can be robbed or can catch fire when involved in a collision, destroying freight. 

Let Us Help

Oak Creek, WI residents benefit from Bronson Insurance Services in a variety of ways, as we tailor our packages to suit their needs. We look forward to receiving your call, internet visit, or in-person consultation and can answer any questions you may have. 

What is Transportation Insurance, And What Does it Cover?

The transport sector is quickly expanding — the demand is rising, and customers are asking for faster shipping times. As pressure grows, the error rate increases, putting the transport industry on edge. Luckily, the transportation sector can cushion itself with transportation insurance. Don’t know much about transportation insurance? Hang on as Bronson Insurance Services of Oak Creek, WI, sheds more light on this coverage.

What is transportation insurance?

Transportation insurance protects those who are in the business of moving goods. Transportation insurance can apply to individual businesses but is widely used in commercial companies transporting goods locally and internationally. It covers goods while being transported on land, air, or water. Ultimately, you may need transportation insurance if you are in the below categories:

  • Retailers and wholesalers
  • Importers and exporters
  • Manufacturers
  • Freight forwarders
  • Common carriers
  • Multinational companies
  • Warehousemen

What does transportation insurance cover?

When you are handling goods on behalf of others, a lot can happen. It could be damage or theft of goods. Thankfully, you don’t have to bear such losses if you have transportation insurance. Generally, this coverage provides the below protection:

  • Covers theft or damage to goods: Whether the goods are in storage or transit, transportation insurance covers damage or loss to these goods. Businesses that have inventories should ensure that the logistics company has invested in this insurance as it offers security and financial protection should losses occur.
  • Liability protection: Should your truck or moving vehicle cause bodily injury or property damage to other people, transportation insurance should come to your rescue. Because liability claims can be expensive, especially when lawsuits are involved, investing in transportation insurance is the best thing you can do for your business.

Ready to get started with transportation insurance in Oak Creek, WI? Please get in touch with Bronson Insurance Services for an affordable quote.

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