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We would like to encourage all customers to use alternative forms of communication including text messages to our agency phone number, email, and the good old-fashioned telephone. To continue communications during this recommended time of social separation to ensure the health of our customers and employees.

We would encourage customers to mail checks or money orders to our agency for payment. As you are mailing payments please give a couple of extra days for processing to make sure payments are received in a timely fashion. We would like to discourage CASH payments as much as possible during this time. We will not offer any change for customers bringing in cash.

COVID 19 is creating a financial hardship for everyone. But the greater financial hardship comes at the loss of a loved one. Please take a moment and allow us to review your life insurance protection during this troubled time. By taking the time to review, update your financial protection. You are protecting those loved ones, should anything happen down the road.

And for the thousands of survivors of COVID 19, many have reported continued respiratory illnesses. Will these illnesses become exclusions for life insurance in the future?

Right now, while you are healthy, let’s explore life insurance coverage to guarantee your future insurability!