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Wisconsin Medicare Supplements Coverage

Medicare Supplements in Wisconsin

Know Before You Go, Our Bronson Insurance Services Mantra

As is the case with all our insurance services, whether auto insurance, home insurance, or life insurance, our policy at Bronson Insurance Services is to make sure we answer all the questions our Wisconsin clients may have before making a recommendation. This is always important but even more so when the client is newly or soon-to-be-retired and is considering whether or not to choose a Medicare Supplemental plan. After all, this is a life-changing decision that will impact the healthcare expenses they face in the years to come. And what we have found in our years of serving Oak Creek, WI is that not everyone has a firm grip on what a Medicare Supplemental Insurance plan is and isn't.

What A Medicare Supplemental Insurance Plan Is

This type of health insurance is self-explanatory, as is its alternate name, Medicap. But either way, it supplements Medicare A coverage and fills in the gaps, paying healthcare costs Medicare Part A does not cover. These expenses are not new to most people as they have always been responsible for them in the policies they had when still working - deductibles, co-payments, and coinsurance. Furthermore, Medicare Supplemental Insurance gives policy holder’s financial assurance before they elect to undergo a procedure or test because they know that if Part A covers it, so will their supplemental plan. In other words, it absolves the insured person of the need to make extra phone calls to see whether or not a procedure is covered. She can decide with the confidence that as long as she pays her monthly premium to the supplemental insurance company she has chosen, in addition to the Part B premium she pays to Medicare, she is covered.

What A Medicare Supplemental Insurance Plan Isn't

Many people confuse Medicare supplementary insurance with Medicare Advantage plans. An advantage plan is an alternative to traditional Medicare Part A. It is a way to be covered for all its benefits, but it is an insurance policy in itself, private insurance rather than government-covered Medicare. When a person chooses a Medicare Advantage plan, it may be an HMO, PPO, or a private Pay-for-Service plan. And as with these types of coverage, some treatments may be covered, and some may not be.

Does This Explanation Raise More Questions?

We hope it raises questions because choosing Medicare Supplemental Insurance is not a decision you should make before you have all the relevant answers. And if you live in Oak Creek, WI, you don't have to make it alone. We can go over all the pros and cons of the various plans available to you as a citizen of Wisconsin. So, give us a call, or even better, come in and ask away.

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