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Why Condo Insurance is an Asset

To a condo owner, the importance of obtaining a condo insurance policy can’t be stressed enough. First thing first, the policy keeps you, your condo unit, and your personal belongings secure and safe. According to Bronson Insurance Services in Oak Creek, WI, insuring your condo unit offers you numerous benefits, including:

Personal liability coverage 

By signing up for condo insurance, you will have peace of mind knowing that your family, friends, and tenants are well protected. You will not be held responsible in case any of them sustain injuries while at you’re your space. 

Without liability coverage, you would be the person responsible for the damages or injuries sustained by other people in your space.

Personal belonging protection

Natural disasters and other unforeseen perils like fire accidents can occur when you least expect them. When this is the case, there’s the likelihood that you will lose your valuables and incur substantial repair costs after that. 

Fortunately, you can avoid all these inconveniences by signing up for a condo insurance cover. When a mischance happens, it will be a burden to the insurer and not you.

Loss of use /Additional living expenses (ALE) coverage 

In some unfortunate situations, you might encounter losses that would cause you to relocate as you prepare to repair your condo. Under such circumstances, you need funding to facilitate the relocation process.

Assuming your accounts have no enough cash, what would you do? Where would you go? It would be hectic. However, with ALE coverage, managing relocations, and paying for temporal living expenses will be a walk in the park.

Protection of the interior of your condo

With a condo insurance policy, you will never have to bother about unfortunate things happening inside your unit’s interior. Your insurer will pay for interior damages such as ceilings damages, flooring damages, wall damages, and so forth.

Buy condo insurance today!

When it comes to insuring your condo unit, it’s wise to ensure you have coverage that suits your needs. We at Bronson Insurance Services in Oak Creek, WI are ready to help you get the right condo insurance policy that will work for you. Don’t hesitate to contact us when you need a helping hand.

When is the best time to buy life insurance

Life insurance is a gift you give to the ones you love. It shows them just how important they are to you. It is not mandated in any state in the union, but it is one of the most important insurance types. It not only protects your assets if you are no longer there to provide support, but it can make the difference between your family having to give up the life they are used to and being able to remain in the life they are accustomed to. At Bronson Insurance Services in Oak Creek, WI, we provide a better level of service for our current customers and future ones.

When you are young

One of the best times to buy life insurance is when you are young. It may seem an unlikely time to buy insurance when you need it the least, but because you are likely healthy and rates are determined by age and health, being young is the best time to buy it. If you buy whole life insurance, you will be locking in at a very reasonable rate for the rest of your life. 

When you add dependents

The insurance that protects you when you’re young and single may not be the right insurance once you get married and have children. This is a good time to sit down with your insurance agent and discuss the options available to add the amount of protection you need. 

When you change jobs

If you have been counting on employer-provided life insurance, and you are changing employers, it is time to take a good look at what coverage you actually have and make sure you have enough to provide the long-term benefits you need. 

Contact Bronson Insurance Services in Oak Creek, WI, when it is time for you to buy life insurance. 

Documents you should have in your car at all times

Driving should take all of your attention when you get behind the wheel. With all the aggressive drivers out there, you need to be on the defensive at all times. There may be times, despite your best efforts, you have an accident, or you get pulled over by the local or state police. When that happens, they are going to ask to see some documents from you. It is important you have them in the vehicle with you. 

When it comes to carrying the necessary documents in your car, just throwing them into your glove box is probably not the best idea. Putting them in an envelope or a special folder in the glove box where you can find them easily even if your heart is pounding is a better idea. Best of all is a document holder that attaches to your visor. This way, you can easily flip down your visor and take out your documents if you need to. 

Vehicle registration

Most information about your vehicle registration is online, so the police have access to the information even if you don’t have your registration in the vehicle. They can look it up with the numbers on your license plate. However, you will likely get a ticket if you don’t carry the registration with you, so do the right thing. 

Proof of insurance

Almost every state in the union requires you have at least the minimum required auto insurance. Your insurance company will provide you with proof of insurance you should always have with you in your vehicle. Serious fines are levied for not having the mandated insurance, and you need to prove you have it. 

Driver’s license

This should be in your wallet and is required in every state. 

Contact Bronson Insurance Services in Oak Creek, WI when you are looking for auto insurance. Bronson Insurance Services in Oak Creek, WI has been in business for 18 years and provides our clients with great service and lots of choices. 

Why is commercial insurance needed in Oak Creek?

When you are in the Oak Creek, WI area, you may find that starting a small business is a great career path. Those that own a company here can do very well if they properly protect their company. A great way that you can do this is with commercial insurance protection. This type of insurance is needed by a business for a few different reasons. 

Insurance Protects Business

A common reason that people need commercial insurance in this area of the state is that it will help to protect their business. A business owner in this area of Wisconsin will always want to ensure that their company and business investment is properly protected. When you invest in a full commercial insurance plan, it will provide you with the coverage needed to protect your business investments and mitigate liability risk.

Insurance is Required

You will also want to get a commercial insurance plan because it could be a requirement for your business. Many companies today are required by some agreement to get commercial insurance coverage. When you take out a business loan or raise outside capital, the parties you are under contract with will likely require that you carry commercial insurance. If you do not have this coverage, you could be in default of your agreements.

Anyone that would like a commercial insurance plan should speak with the team at Bronson Insurance Services. Those who are all over the Oak Creek, WI area have found that Bronson Insurance Services can offer the guidance and support needed to build and choose an ideal policy. This will help ensure that your business’s future is protected and that you are in compliance with any insurance obligations that you have. 

Does Homeowner’s Insurance cover building a new home?

Most of the time, people buy their homeowner’s insurance for a house that is already built. Since you are building your house from scratch, how can you ensure a home that physically does not exist yet? After all, you have already paid for the land and perhaps paid a deposit to your contractor or purchased building materials, so if anything goes wrong now, you may suffer significant financial loss.

Luckily in Oak Creek, WI, folks at Bronson Insurance Services can help protect your most significant investment right from the start while it is still being built. A Builder’s Risk policy was designed for this specific need. It covers any loss incurred while the house is under construction. It protects everything from the time construction starts and remains in place until a predetermined date after the construction is finished. The policy provides reimbursement for when things go wrong with building materials, machinery used, equipment used on the building site, permanent fixtures, construction debris removal, pollutant cleanup, blueprints cost, landscaping, etc. Some policies may also include liability coverage in case anyone gets injured during the building process. 

The best part about taking out a Builder’s Insurance Policy is that you may choose not to have to pay the premiums yourself. When you draw up your construction contract, it may include a clause that the contractor must take out a builder’s risk policy as part of that contract. Of course, you may want to take a policy out yourself to ensure sufficient coverage when calamity strikes.

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Life is unpredictable, and a lot can go wrong when building a house from scratch. A builder’s Insurance policy guarantees that you or your contractor will obtain funds to repair or rebuild in case of a loss. To discuss your exact needs, contact Bronson Insurance Services in Oak Creek, WI for details.

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